Cash-Out Refinance on Your Rental Property

Cash-Out Refinance on Your Rental Property

Investment Property Owners are Tapping into their Equity.

Home prices are rising!

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, home prices have risen about 35% across the country since 2012.

This is allowing real-estate investors to cash-out the equity of their rental properties to achieve various objectives:

  • Purchase another investment property
  • Make rental property improvements
  • Pay-off other real estate loans
  • Pay-off personal debts

Why Cash-Out on a Rental Property?

Investors can get more benefits by cashing out on their rentals, rather than leaving it untapped!

Unused equity may look great on paper, and for many investors, this may be perfectly fine. They have regular cash flow and do not want to increase their loan payment and balance.

However, a cash-out refinance on your rental property loan can be extremely beneficial to you and can help you accomplish several goals.

Home improvements can both increase the home’s value, while also justifying higher rent.

Cashing-out is also a great way to pay-off both real estate loans and personal debt.

But perhaps the best use for your cash-out funds is to elevate and expand your real estate portfolio.

Most investors will utilize their cash-out money to put a down payment on another property. By doing so, you are building a strong real estate portfolio while increasing your rental earning power.

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